Think Tank Gallery will be at DesignerCon 2018, in booths 716 and 616. Come see us!

We’re also the Head of Partnerships for the con this year. If you’re interested in sponsoring, please visit


Since the we started to run a live/work space in Downtown LA in 2010 (and ultimately failed on the “live” part after seven years, in a much-publicized story of our death and eventual rebirth), through multiple events from five people to 85,000 people, and beyond the nationwide implications of the Ghost Ship Fire tragedy in Oakland (and its subsequent stigma toward the DIY art scene), Think Tank Gallery has picked up a ton of experience on how to properly permit events. Through this journey, we’ve made connections at Los Angeles’ Building and Safety, Police, Fire Departments, Alcoholic Beverage Control, and various Council Districts. We’ve also served on a board of advisors for the last two years that is working directly with the City to permanently renovate the special event permitting laws for immersive experiences and other types of entertainment. We kept our DTLA building as a venue only, and have an intimate knowledge of how to permit anything inside of it, so contact us if you have an ambitious project that needs a space.

Beginning in 2013, we also started consulting other people’s productions (O.P.P.), and can be hired to acquire alcohol permits, advise or manage various production elements, or make introductions for sponsors, security, and other elements of your event. Follow our newsletter below for updates on how we’re aiming to change LA’s event compliance landscape, and contact us at if you need a hand with any of this.