Tslil Tsemet - The Awakening

Tslil Tsemet - The Awakening


“I always like to think that my work just speaks for itself, but since many people got questions about it (hi mom) here is a short text about my piece "The Awakening" though I usually avoid using politicians in my works (since, as i see it, everything is political anyway). The painting "The Awakening" comes from a result of observing while living in and being part of a society that created a world which -- at this point -- is constantly spinning while choking on its own vomit. We have created it through our comfort shortcuts, addictions, tiny interactions (as another little click on our computer), and, of course, our choices as consumers. The face in the piece is only reflecting on: what we are all responsible for; the way it translated to the face of our leadership while demonstrating the law of karma in a very clear and grotesque physical shape; and a wake up call.”

Oil on canvas

31 x 40"


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