Ginger Q - Flip It & Reverse It

Ginger Q - Flip It & Reverse It


“Spoon-fed arbitrary concept of beauty built upon the foundation of algorithms, numbers, and diagrams to prove these theories correct. We swallowed it, digested it, breathed it, consumed it through our pores and gave it a home within our cell walls. We gave it full agency, power, authority over our own perception. We enhanced and added and subtracted to reach a golden ratio that didn't exist. We watered a distorted mindset that constantly and incessantly reiterated the mantra, you're not good enough.

We rebel, we regurgitate, we reclaim.

Cancel, cancel, cancel. Send it back to sender with conscious and healing. We dispel numbers and algorithms and diagrams. We feel, therefore we can be free.

The new ratio: flip it & reverse it.”

Steel, neon, & electrical transformer.

4' x 4'


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