Mockup of temporary membership card. Hand-crafted, custom cards will be mailed or picked up after completion of entry survey.

Mockup of temporary membership card. Hand-crafted, custom cards will be mailed or picked up after completion of entry survey.

With a roster of collaborators that take a rare and ambitious approach to artistic production of items and experience, the Think Tank has been involved in some varied projects since we were established in 2010. A generous base of supporters has made it all possible in the near-decade since the company was born, as Think Tank Gallery, in the Fashion District of Downtown Los Angeles. Now our company has spread its reach from a singular artist-run space to a wide network of projects and collaborations, splitting into three distinct branches:
Think Tank Gallery & Showroom, Little Tokyo’s newest artist-run, experimental arts space;
Think Tank Creative Solutions, an art direction consultation arm and sponsorship matchmaker; and
Think Tank Productions, a permitting assistance and event + art installation production company.

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Adding to this support base of collectors, fans, podcast listeners, sponsors, and brand partners that keep our creators moving ever forward, the Think Tank has added a new route to incentivize artists in Los Angeles and beyond. The Think Tank Membership Club will combine the efforts of all three of our company’s creative branches to offer up a monthly and annual value to members who join the movement to make meaningful – not mindless – immersive art and entertainment into a valid career option for artists. See our various projects above for a hint of what that has meant to us historically, and view some of the included items below outlining what to expect out of your membership in its first year.

Memberships begin on a uniform level, and higher-level memberships may be acquired at a later date.
The inaugural membership theme is Movement, and benefits begin immediately upon acceptance into the club, continuing on a monthly basis.

  • Artist-Designed Merchandise Items Sent to your Door Every Month

  • Preview Invitations to View All Think Tank Gallery & Showroom Exhibits with other VIPs, Artists, and Media Before the Public

  • Craft Cocktails at Applicable Events

  • Drinks Included Across Select Think Tank Gallery & Showroom Openings and Ticketed Events

  • Members-Only Limited Programming like Supper & Brunch Clubs, Artist Mixers, and Networking Nights

  • Templates and Tutorials for Sponsorship Decks, Press Releases, and Permitting Applications

  • Tickets to Select Think Tank Creative and Productions’ Nationwide Programming, i.e. DesignerCon, BrokeLA, and other Conventions and Festivals

  • VIP Ticket Upgrades and Exclusive Access to Think Tank-Produced Events Across Los Angeles and Beyond

  • Sponsored Product from Various Collaborations, i.e. Vans “Drinkin’ Smokin,’ & West Coastin’” Tote Bag

  • Free Entry for Two to All Ticketed Immersive Think Tank Gallery & Showroom Attractions

  • Members-Only, Original Print and Merchandise Designs from Think Tank Artists

  • Behind the Scenes Episodes of A.R.T. (Artists Real Talk) Weekly Podcast

More items and experiences will be announced as the program begins. Inaugural Membership begins at $250 USD annually. Inaugural Membership will be sold for 50% off at Think Tank Gallery & Showroom’s soft opening on Saturday, January 5th. Collectors who have purchased art pieces for $5,000 or more have been grandfathered into the program for Year 1 and will receive their membership information in the mail. Memberships may be purchased online here. All members must complete a small survey providing their shirt size, address, and other such information.