Molotov Cocktail Vending Machine Installation


A Molotov cocktail has never been assembled to maintain the status quo. Inspired by the story of our ancestors stealing the fire from the gods to acquire free will (and mezcal), artist Phil America designed a vending machine that dispenses revolution for the price of found materials. The greatest symbol of resistance in our time, the Molotov finds its strength in the repurposing of found objects, and this installation is built from that power.   


The vending machine is titled ™What's More American Than Violence?,∫ a sculptural installation and series of dysfunctional art objects inspired by Edward Abby's ™The Monkey Wrench Gang.∫ The installation features a fully-functional Molotov cocktail vending machine, full of converted Mezcal El Silencio bottles, customized with a limited edition, hand signed and numbered, spot-UV instructional art sticker, and custom ™STEAL THE FIRE∫ bandana, each designed by artist Phil America and designer/Think Tank Gallery Art Director Dino Nama. The piece seeks to call attention to the ease of access to deadly weapons in America, with a large portion of proceeds of each sale are donated to Everytown (a non profit advocating deeper gun license background checking regulations).


The bottles were available for $5 purchase at the vending machine on Melrose Ave, released at an undisclosed date and time leading up to and during the We Stole the Fire art exhibition on August 4th.